Medal Organizer

Medal Organizer


Show off your achievements with this beautiful, hand-crafted medal organizer!  Don't hide your medals in a drawer or a box, proudly organize them in one convenient location for all to see!


This personalized item is made of solid pine wood, and features the motivational phrase (which can be adjusted for the pronoun of your choice), "She believed she could, so she did".  There are nine hooks along the bottom, and two hooks on the face for hanging marathon bibs.


Customizing options include your preferred pronoun, and the name.  Be sure to make your selections using the drop-down and text box provided. 


PLEASE NOTE:  these items are made from real wood, so the exact grain pattern and color will vary from the sample photos provided.  Also, remember that the more characters your name has in it, the SMALLER we must print the name to get it to fit on the board.


Size:  Approx. 5"H x 12"W x 5/8"D

Weight:  Just under 1 lb, depending upon moisture content of the wood